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Eazicolor Developer/Cream Activator (20-Volume)

Eazicolor Developer/Cream Activator (20-Volume)

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Eazicolor shine-boosting cream activators work in harmony with Eazicolor's professional hair color to give splendid multi-dimensional shading. When blended in with eazicolor permanent hair color, Chroma technology with omega-9 particles is consumed profoundly into the inside cortical hair filaments, guaranteeing that every hair strand is suffused with lively, enduring shading. Eazicolor cream activator works like wizardry and makes hair better and shiner after the shading system. It is the most fundamental component in the hair shading measure.

Strength of activators: 

Activators come in different strengths depending on the line of hair color. Eazicolor cream activator comes in four different strengths.
  • 10 volume
  • 20 volume
  • 30 volume
  • 40 volume

How does the strength of activators work?

Low volume activator could be used for toning or slight color shifts. Higher volume activators are used to get higher color lifts, especially while going blonde.
  • 10 volume helps to deposit color only
  • 20 volume is used to achieve a 1-2 level color lift
  • 30 volume is used to achieve a 2-3 level color lift
  • 40 volume is used to achieve a 3-4 level color lift
  • How To Use Eazicolor Developer

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  • How to use Eazicolor developer:

    • Select the appropriate strength of the activator based on the hair color change you desire.
    • Ensure to shake the bottle of activator well before use.
    • The usual ratio of activator to hair color is 1:1, but for high-lifting colors, you can increase the ratio to 1:2 (color tube + activator).
    • The processing time depends on the desired color and the strength of the activator.
    • After the allotted time, thoroughly rinse the hair with cold water and follow up with conditioning

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